Wednesday 26th October

After a run of good (for the time of year) flying days during the first half of the month things changed.  Last Saturday no flying due to low cloud and only 8 flights on Sunday into the teeth of a nasty easterly.  This Wednesday we didn’t fair much better.  The winch was in position and gliders out of the hangar by the time I arrived but they stayed there for a while due to the low cloud base.  Fortunately not too low to hold back Ken H and Rowland P continuing the re-roofing of the toilet block.

With flying delayed we set to breaking up the part of the workshop floor that had sunk – breaking up concrete kept us occupied until some breaks in the cloud appeared.

Who needs a concrete breaker when a large tooth pick does the job

The old workshop floor

We did get to fly but after Stan O had to abandon his launch (3rd one of the day) at 450′ we waited and waited and then knocked it on the head.  Needless to say once I was home the sky looked clear.

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