Wednesday 19th October

If your idea of Wednesday flying was a bunch of blokes, of a certain age, pottering around, nattering, drinking tea, eating cakes and fitting in a bit of flying – then I have to shatter that illusion.  With 2 instructors busy from start to end (at 16:00 Peter E declared he needed to take a short break in order to eat his lunch) and solo flying it was pretty much non-stop and we clocked up 37 launches.  In parallel Ken H and a few helpers set to on fixing the toilet block roof.

Chris & Tony on the hunt for a lost carabiner

Swallow out to play

Only modest soaring opportunities with 9 double digit flights.  Rob J taking top gun honours with 22 minutes.  With showers around us, but not on us, there were quite a few rainbows on offer.

Part of a completely circular rainbow

Failed to capture K13 and both ends of the rainbow


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