Wednesday 7th September

The good bits – lots of launches, not a westerly, lots of cake.  The bad bits – bugger all lift.  If only Thursday had come a day early.

Bob B started things off on a hopeful note with 13 minutes in the K8.  After that it was all single digit flight times with 3 notable exceptions.  Bob with David N crept into double digits (10 minutes) but that was after Bob finding several boxes to tick on David’s progress card in the spinning section.  Stan O squeezed 11 minutes in the K8 but undisputed soaring king for the day was Trevor G with 25 minutes in the Vega.  Selam rigged his ASW15 and declared himself content with just doing circuits (like the rest of us).

It appeared the Tony P had been inspired by the return of The Great British Bake Off treating us to banana bread and Victoria sponge.  Adrian N lined up a chocolate swiss roll.  With 40 launches it at least was a good day for the club’s coffers.

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