Wednesday 20th September

Low cloudbase did not bode well for welcoming our visitors from the Hungerford Aircrew Association but there was optimism that things would improve.  A leisurely start to the day and plenty of chatting with no one exhibiting any keenness to be the first to find out what cloudbase actually was.  Martin S was the first to crack and was rewarded with a 1,400′ launch – mind, the cloudbase was just under 1,000′.  We launched into a gap in the clouds and circled around in the clear air until an exit appeared.  Cloudbase did improve and we were getting launches up to 2,000′ but all just circuits.

Liz flew 3 of our visitors and the others decided to come back another day.  With little prospect of the day improving in line with the forecast Liz headed off – that was the cue the weather needed to improve.  At 15:30 the “window” opened as Peter E lead the way with 21 minutes followed by Trevor G (36 minutes), Rowland P (33 minutes) and James W (41 minutes).  After 16:00 we were back to circuits.  The high launches at least provided me with the opportunity to do some of the fun exercises and tick boxes on progress cards.

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