Sunday 11th September

A thoroughly enjoyable day yesterday as we managed to get in 53 flights totalling over 32 hours!

Many private gliders were rigged and lobbed skywards with varying degrees of success as conditions were a little challenging at times.


Amongst the highlights were Chris K and Rob J having just over an hour in JMX, Steve O having 2:24 taking in Andover and Newbury in the LS3, Trevor having 2:46 in his Jantar and Chris B having 1:38 in the LS7.

My first flight (ever) with Gillian Brind saw her comfortably taking the Puchacz and me up to 3,700ft only breaking off the climb when the view outside got err… a bit cloudy 🙂

Thanks to all who helped get the field set up so quickly and to those who kept the launch rate going at such a good rate and in doing so helped  everyone to cram those 53 flights in.

Lovely day, not bad for September 🙂


About the Author: philip morgan

CFI, Owns a Janus C with Carol.

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  1. StephenO

    And a big thank you to Phil, Carol and Ken R who kept the training going all day from the back seats. As usual, some excellent photos from Phil.
    Some stats (I can’t resist) – all 5 club gliders plus 8 private gliders were flying and 39 people flew. The most launches on a September day (in the last 10 years) – next best was 51 in 2014 but only 10 hours flown. Not quite the most hours for a September day – the record was 34 hours in 2010 but off only 30 launches. “Not Bad” at all!

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