Wednesday 10th August

Amazing – not a westerly.  Well, not at first.  A gentle northerly, with a touch of west, backing to a light westerly by late afternoon.   What’s more most folks got to soar.  One of the few exceptions was Bob S.  Having had a long flight on Saturday with Nigel, Bob was back to join up.  I was rather non-plused to see Rodney appear and instead of taking over the winch he hoped in Alan P’s recently restored Swallow and did a circuit.  A circuit!  I can’t remember when I last saw Rod not soar.  Normality was restored when he took over on the winch for the evening TLE for folks from Phil M’s work.  Talking of the winch, Ken H was firmed established in the winch from start of day to mid-afternoon, at which point he was persuaded out to fly the Vega – which he did for just over an hour.  Alan P also did a flight of over an hour in his Swallow making it the longest flight for the glider this century.  Peter E did his usual helping out with back seat flying before taking to the skies in HZD for over tow and a half hours (which happened to be longest light of the day).

Any casual visitor may have questioned whether they had stumble upon a gliding club or a pastry club.  On offer were donut (thank to Paul B); muffins savoury and sweet (home baking from Tony P) and Danish Pastries (sorry, I don’t know who to tank for those).  One particular member (no names but not prizes for guessing who) blissed out on a home made blueberry was heard to remark “Tony, if you had bigger tits I’d marry you”.

Oh the joys of Wednesday flying – good flying; good companions and good cake.  Including the TLE we clocked up 50 launches.


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