Saturday 13th August

Back to “normal” – tricky westerly.  It was a day of two, contrasting, halves.  8/8 cloud cover in the morning with cloud base varying between just above launch height and just below.  Peter E was kept busy flying a group of overseas students who looked as if they were thoroughly enjoying the experience.  I worked my way through the club members list until I got to Alan S at which point I woke Richard D up and suggested he might like to do off checks with Alan.  They went off and looked as if they were having fun (well, at least Richard was).  That left a K13 and a cable and no one clambering to fly so I felt obliged to see if I could still remember how to fly solo.  When planning my circuit I observed Alan and Richard in a “interesting” position and decided to re-plan my circuit to follow suit and land reciprocal.  Apparently on coming to a halt on landing they were startled by the Flarm making lots of noise and flashing red lights with no glider in sight. Then Alan noticed the encroaching glider was below them which, for a moment, increased the puzzlement.
From about 14:00 the clouds parted, sun reached the ground and we got to soar to over 3,000′.  Congratulations to Alan on completing his off-check checks.

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