Wednesday 20th July

Another July day and yet another cross-wind and mainly circuits.  Early on (launches 3 and 4) Paul P & Rob J in one K13 and Tony P and myself, in the other K13, managed more than 20 minutes with Tony gaining the bragging rights.  After that it was pretty much all circuits with only the occasional flights breaking into double digits.  Not content with second place Paul & Rob tried again in the afternoon and stuck lucky with a large field just to the south being combined and releasing all that stored up heat.  They clocked up 33 minutes – somewhat disappointed as they thought they were a minute short of Tony’s flight.  The log showed Tony’s flight as being 34 minutes.  However, it turned out that maths wasn’t the log keepers strong point and the flight was actually 24 minutes.  So, Paul & Rob the days crown was taken by you.

Despite the so-so conditions Colin and I were kept busy in the back seat.  That included Andy B demonstrating to Colin that he should be off-checks.

The distraction of the day was the film crew who periodically ran off with one of the “Wednesday boys” to interview them in the club house.  The Brind family K7 was rigged in order to take a photo for the Newbury Weekly News.  As it turned out the NWN decided to publish the story that week which meant it was too late to accompany the articleBrind K7

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