Wednesday 13th July

The day started looking decidedly underwhelming and the prospect of bands of rain passing through in the afternoon.  Second launch with Bill C in the K8 staying aloft for 22 minutes raised hopes that were soon dashed as all other flights were circuits – that is, until 14:00.  Alan S, in the Puchacz, demonstrated the tenacity needed to scrape away in week lift and marked the thermal for Rod H and Gillian B in the K7 – who, in turn marked it for Peter E with new member (joined that day) Martin S.  Each of those flights getting about half an hour.  Then the rain arrived but, fortunately, soon passed.  After the rain is was back to circuits until shortly before the next band of rain when the last 3 flights at least got into the double digits.
For the second week, Rod & Gillian were top guns with 33minutes and a climb to 3,200′.  Just in case anyone is concerned that it’s only certain folks who get mentions in the blog (as if) it should be noted that Paul P flew the most types of gliders on the day.

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