Shenington Regionals

Just a quick post to report on the Shenington Regionals in which I flew during the week gone. (thanks to whomever mowed my trailer slot)

Well really its best summed up by Damien’s excellent photos <link to full set>

Last day finishers....737. We had 4 days of racing and I local soared another day, which was excellent for any competition this year, most have had only a single day unfortunately.

737 home first....The first day was a gloomy Nimbus sort of a day

Now this is how you close a gliding comp!!With the airspace man being an ex-red arrow he phoned them up on friday and over they popped, smoke on. On sunday THEY phoned and asked if they could close the comp…

Protests outside the breifing...The final party had a 70s theme, so we arranged a picket of briefing…

DSC_3986The less said about the party the better

The grid on day 6 or 4...The grid.

Back second today!Just for Jeremy, the winner Tim.

Results –

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