At Last a Good Day

After 2 non-flying Wednesdays and a rubbish June – at last the weather gods smile on us.  The first 2 flights demonstrated what the day had on offer with both soaring away, although, Tony P had to earn his soaring with some determined scratching at the start of the flight.  With hardly any wind the launch heights on offer were modest but what the heck when there are lots of thermals on offer.  Those unfortunate to launch into the sink (4+ down) in-between the juicy thermals at least were able to make a contribution to club funds by taking another launch (or launches).

St Barts, Newbury

St Barts, Newbury from 3,000′ in a K7

Just the club’s K8 and both K13’s where in use but 6 other gliders were rigged and flown.  Liz dropped in flying her Duo Discuss, flipped a switch on the rear panel and took a relight.  Gillian was keen to get a photo of son David taking part in the commemoration of St Bart’s school’s 550 year anniversary.  With the aid of Fluffy Harris and the Brind’s K7 she got her photo (above).  Longest flight honour went to Trevor G, in his Jantar, who clocked up 3 hours 19 minutes and reported climbs to 4,000′.  However, longest time flying on the day would have to be claimed by yours truly with 3:28 but that did take 11 launches.  The usual club members training plus a TL plus a returning TL and a visitor from Bicester prevented me from getting bored.

34 launches and 20:25 hours flown – our best day for a long time.  In fact, best since our Open Day were we did almost twice the number of launches to get just 2 minutes more of flying time.

The cover photo shows the sky to the south east of the launch point midday(ish).  Comments from anyone with some met knowledge would be very welcome to explain what we were seeing.

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