Wednesday 8th June

One Swallow doth not a summer make – as is evident from the cover photo.  Very grey, but warm.  Shortly after the photo was taken there was a gathering in the hangar as folks took shelter from a rain shower.  Once we started flying (no one was in a hurry to do so) the grey parted;  sun appeared; it got decidedly hot (especially with the canopy closed) but no useful thermals being triggered.  The sun came and went and returned in time for the trial lesson evening session to enjoy a sunny evening.

All short flights with the notable exceptions of Rob J (51 minutes in the K8) and Denis G (33 minutes in a K13) who managed to take advantage of lift surrounding a rain cell.

Anyone worried about carrying too much ballast should avoid Wednesday – not only were there donuts (thanks as usual to Peter M) but Tony P supplied his legendary brownies plus a new delight – Yorkshire Curd Tart.


Highlight of the day was Andy B taking his first solo in almost 12 years.

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