Wednesday 15th June

Faced with consistent weather forecasts of heavy rain on Wednesday, with Tuesday and Thursday no better, what to do about mid-week flying?  Well, the hardy Wednesday boys just carried on regardless.  Tuesday night’s forecast on the TV helpfully showed Hungerford on its map with various bands of rain passing through.  Tony P reported getting up at 7:30 looking at the forecast and heading back to his bed.  By 9:00 the sun was out and the forecast showed rain not arriving until the afternoon.
And so it was we gathered, intent on at least getting a few launches in before getting wet.  Not only did we manage to launch but almost half the flights included some soaring.  Several folks reported the delights of climbing to cloud base and surrounding clouds with bases a couple of hundred feet, and more, below.

View from the top of a cloud dome

Paul B was miffed to find he was pipped by 1 minute for longest flight by Charles Mc with 48 minutes.  Ken H was dragged off the winch long enough to get to highest of the day with 2,500′
By 17:00 (and after 25 launches) no more cables needed so the toys got put to bed and we headed home – dry!  We had seen plenty of rain falling in all directions but the gods smiled on us and the most rain at Rivar Hill was a few light drops for about 5 minutes.  Heading home and halfway between Hungerford and Newbury a heavy shower found me, but by that time it couldn’t take the smile off my face thinking about the enjoyable day that I’d almost scrubbed.

One final image to share


Paul P now taking a balanced approach

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