Sunday 26th June

Despite some early conviction that rain was imminent and although it kept looking that way all day long, there followed a day of ‘soaring on demand’ under an overcast sky. I believe what the met gurus call an ‘anafront’ – small cumulus, difficult to spot under a leaden frontal sky, forming ragged streets in the westerly wind. These conditions persisted until late afternoon when it finally started to rain. The result was a lot of extended flights, some only terminated by the clock ticking up the hour. I think it fair to say that most folk managed at least a little soaring before the day finally dissolved in a fine drizzle.

Although not the kind of weather one would hope for in June, nonetheless it was appreciated by folks desperate for any kind of soaring whilst providing some very good ‘scratching’ practice. And my thanks to Bob for looking after the TLs who benefitted from prompt executive service on a not very promising day.


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