Wednesday 4th May

The day started with Colin B and helpers doing the regular guillotine checks which turned into sorting a few problems.  The sky was looking good with fluffy cu nicely lining up in streets but by the time we were ready to start launching the sky was completely blue.  First to launch was a K13 which encountered 6 down with the occasional respite of 4 down.  So, we knew there must be lift somewhere.  Good high launches were the order of the day with a steady SSW wind (K8 getting in excess of 2,000′).
Many, but sadly not all, stumbled upon thermals in the blue which were decidedly lumpy low down but could deliver 3,300′.  Thanks to my generous syndicate partner insisting on me flying our glider while he looked after instructing I had an hour and a half playing hunt the thermal.  First climb took me to 3,100 and I was at 1,100 before I found my next thermal.  Bill C and Ken R spent over 2 hours in their Duo Discus playing a similar game to take longest flight honours.  The Brind’s K7 was back online and was seen to out climb the K8 on it’s first flight and a K13 on the next.


The day ended with Stan O taking a solo flight and staying airborne for over half an hour followed by a trip to the Plough to help Stan celebrate his return to solo status. Sitting outside the pub in the sun with a pint in hand and plenty of banter, tales and laughter – what an excellent way to round off a very enjoyable day.

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