Sutton Bank Club Expedition May 2016

Sorry for the delay in posting a report but thanks to the good weather we flew most of days we were at Sutton Bank and the lure of the pub was just too strong each evening!

This expedition was very well attended by club members and I know that whilst we were there everyone without exception had a thoroughly enjoyable time.


Our hosts at Sutton Bank were very accommodating and could not have been more helpful, especially as they were also running a course at the same time.

This year the normal attendees of Carol, Chris, Rod, Nigel and myself were joined by Richard, Tony, Jeremy, John, Andrew and Selvam.


Selvam about to take a flight in the DG1000


Nigel about to aerotow the Vega

Jeremy and Andrew managed to get cleared for aerotowing so were able to fly their gliders on tow for the first time, John also got cleared to aerotow so took the Vega.

_MG_1549 _MG_1585

_MG_1511 _MG_1555

20160505_173207 _MG_1585



You can guess where Rod was hiding !



All of this was just too much for Richard 🙂

During the week we were treated to two fabulous ridge days, 1 wave day and plenty of thermic days when cloudbase went up to 5,000ft (almost 6000ft asl).

So yet another very enjoyable expedition to Sutton Bank, plenty of good flying, company, banter, food and beer…….roll on the next one!

About the Author: philip morgan

CFI, Owns a Janus C with Carol.

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