Sat 14th May – a day that got better and better

Well the title says it all, it was a day that started OK and just got better and better, in fact by the end it was awesome. In fact (not a fact) by the end the members were literally (not even figuratively) conspiring to make trebuchets, surface-to-air missiles, bows and arrows and any other means to persuade the recalcitrant K8 of Stan, conversion flight, to return to earth so the hangar packing could be completed.


Rod, having taken his Swales to Sutton Bank and back without cracking the trailer door actually rigged it and even flew it!

Many, many other gliders rigged and flew for a long time, but the improving weather caught many out so XC was limited to neighbouring counties.

la famille Brind arrived on mass, David beginning his training as part of his DoE and Andy and Alan flying their K7. Gillian, perhaps controversially, eschewed the family glider to fly with Ken in the Duo…




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DCFI, Full Cat, Owns 737, a Nimbus 2c with Jim & N, a Janus Ce with Claire. Flying since 1996.

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