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Having just completed the 7th month of our “flying year” it’s time for a bit of reflection about the year so far with a few stats (stats here cover a period of 9 years).  This winter has thrown at us the worst (in terms of number of launches, flying time and days flown) than any of us can remember.  When it wasn’t raining it was too windy and when neither of these applied the airfield was too boggy to move around.
The year got off to a cracking start, just 3 launches short of matching our previous best October.  It then all came crashing down to eath in November with only 5 flying days (contrast to 10 in 2007).  This meant we only got 64 launches (lowest recorded for November by far) but, surprisingly, only the third lowest amount of flying time.  December set an all time monthly low with number of flying days down to 3 but 65 launches (matching our previous low in 2010).  Flying time also set an all time low for any month.  Just when we thought “it can’t get any worse” – it did.  Half the number of launches, and flying time, compared to December.  February was heading in a similar direction to January when we managed to fly both days of the last weekend, thereby doubling the number of flying days that month to 4.  This lifted February a couple of places up the launches and flying time ranking.  On the Year-To-Date numbers last year numbers had been our previous worst thanks to last year’s winter of winch woes.
Fortunately things looked up in March and April when we flew a (middling) 10 days each month.  March was our second best in terms of launch count and flying time.  April saw the launch count exceed March by 10 but the flying time almost doubled.
The overall position at the end of April?  Despite the having least number of days flown we are just below the average for both launches and flying time.  BTW this first 7 months of the flying year typical represents about half the launches and one third of the flying time for the full year

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