Wednesday 27th

Showers to the left of us, showers to the right of us, showers in front of us, boldly we flew into the jaws of thermals, into the mouth of sink, rode the Wednesday Boys (with apologises to Tennyson).

A promising looking sky on offer even as we were unpacking the hangar.¬† By 11:30 all 4 club gliders were soaring and the launch point empty.¬† Inevitably the nice looking sky overdeveloped and we were back to circuit bashing for while.¬† Then it cycled and we were back to soaring – at least until¬†the cloud¬†filled in again.¬† Early afternoon the K8 made a welcome return to the launch point.¬† Colin B was “persuaded” to do the test flight.¬† He returned in 18 minutes claiming a new club record – quickest time from launch to 4,600 to landing.¬† Steve B had to get to his freebie launch before staying up long enough to claim longest flight honours (1:04, pipping Paul P by¬† minutes).¬† The good news is that he returned to the airfield each time.¬† Taking advantage of the lift close to a shower Denis G was heard to complain about snow finding its way through the vent.

Quite astonishing that the showers managed to miss us but if meant we got in 34 launches of which about half enjoyed some soaring.¬† Oh yes, mustn’t forget to report: ¬†no donuts but the lardy cake was a very acceptable substitute (thanks Rowland).

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