Wednesday 13th April

Sunshine, soaring, climbs to 5,000′ plus donuts, Victoria sponge and ginger bread – is there any better way to spend a Wednesday?

The day started not particularly promising with circuit bashing and the possibility of showers in the afternoon.  At about 13:00 the thermals switched on and lots of soaring to be had until mid-afternoon when it overdeveloped and cut off the sun and it became a bit more challenging to find climbs.  It then cycled so by 16:00 the sun had warmed up the ground and we were off again.  I was able to introduce Reg G to the delights of cloud streets.  Abandoning a thermal at 4,000′ we carried on to the south of Newbury to the end of a street and then followed back to Conholt House and gained another 500′ in the process.




Steve B disappeared in HZD for over 3 hours, reporting that a disproportionate amount of that time was spent near Great Bedwyn in the down cycle fighting gravity.  That gave him (easily) longest flight honours with Trevor G as runner up with 1:18.  A very respectable 17 hours flown of 38 launches

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  1. SteveB

    True, I did spend a while scratching around during the dead part of the thermic cycle, but when it was good it was very very good, and I visited several of our local TPs: NES, CHV, HUN, GBE, MEM and BUB.

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