Saturday 2nd April

Lifted from Facebook:

Well – what an unexpectedly nice day’s flying! I (Liz) was expecting vaguely soarable in hazy sunshine with an early cut-off as cloud came up from the south, but in fact it was soarable all day under clear blue skies, we saw 7 on the vario at one point and there was lift absolutely everywhere round the airfield. All the serviceable club gliders were engaged all day, everyone went soaring, lots of annual checks were signed off, I hope everyone I flew with had a much fun as I did flying with you.
Crosscountry alert: some of the higher performance gliders made it all the way to…. Andover!! Those involved tell me it was somewhat quicker coming back – possibly the 25k Downwind Dash To Shalbourne Record got set today?!?


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