Saturday 23rd

Despite a stiff NNE wind with an 1800ft launch and expecting a nice ridge ride, I soon found myself at 700 feet near the gibbet – ooh-er! Luckily a small sharp thermal lifted me back to 1000 ft enabling a quick scuttle back to the field vowing to go for thermals on a relaunch.

Various birds of prey were actively showing us how to soar. One trial lesson pupil was amazed when a red kite arrived below and closely passed us upwards at twice the rate that we were ascending! The three Southampton students and three trial lessons all had good soaring flights.

Under long cloud streets, the single seaters were soon disappearing around Wiltshire. However, strong sink did cause one visit to a decent field below Rivar Hill!

24 launches gave 9 gliders almost 20 hours averaging 48 mins under cloud streets rising to over 4000 feet!


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  1. SteveB

    700ft? Pah! I was at 300ft. But then again, I didn’t make it back. Still, it was a good field – who’d have expected to find a stubble field in April?

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