Sat 23rd (alternative view)

The day started with Bob tricking us all into holding by landing back after little more than a circuit.  Then he jumped straight back in the glider and disappeared.  There was good lift around, but also strong sink and big blue gaps, such that even with the northerly wind I needed more height to get back from the other side of the A4 than I actually had.  Everyone else managed to avoid the trap though, and congratulations to Jeremy on his 2hrs towards XC endorsement.  We await news of where Jim and Pete went.


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  1. pete smith

    Jim and I flew up to Oxfordshire together and then he went on to Cheltenham and back whilst I came home. It was a day of amazing lift, 7kts average in a straight line at 80knots where there was lift but equally a day where the spread-out meant you could easily (and very quickly) be under unsoarable skies. Thanks to Chris for the lend of B1.

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