Iambic Wednesday


Grunt, grunt, grunt, grunt, get the water system flowing,

Grunt,grunt,grunt, grunt, change a fan belt too

Grunt,grunt,grunt, grunt, lift an axle into place and

Grunt,grunt,grunt, grunt, cut some brackets through,

Grunt,grunt,grunt, grunt, fix the generator charging,

Grunt,grunt,grunt, grunt, lots still left to do.

These are things that happen weekly when the thermals fail,

Think of those who serve so meekly when better days prevail.

(with apologies to the Kipling Society)

Sincere thanks to many hands who turned up on an iffy Wednesday and worked their socks off to make it all work for us. (Also to doughnut man – without whom everything stops.)

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Flies gliders - repairs winches
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Dislikes - East winds, Newham

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