(Very Good) Good Friday

As predicted Good Friday indeed turned out to be a very Good Friday!

Carol and I had swapped with Jim Gavin, as he was indisposed, and by the end of the day members had notched up 40 flights totalling 15:45 hrs 18:21 hrs. and some 26 people flew.


Chris B helped us out by taking the SUGC under his wing and spent most of the day sat in the back of JPC instructing and I’m sure that they and he enjoyed the flights.


After turfing Pete Smith out of the Mini-Nimbus Andrew Peacock took it way for his first flight on type keeping it airborne for a credible 2:40 and reaching a height of 4,400ft. Those on the ground thought he was simply delaying the landing and from the grin on Andrews face its clear he had no regrets buying it 🙂

Other notable flights include Colin’s xc flight in the LS3 taking in Marlborough, Thatcham and Andover and the highest flight of the day goes to Rod who got up to 4,600 in the K8.

After the toys were put away and the K8 was derigged ready for its ARC it was time to light the BBQ!




About the Author: philip morgan

CFI, Owns a Janus C with Carol.


  1. Colin

    It was indeed a superb day, and I felt thoroughly ashamed of not making more of it. My only excuse was that there was a lot of traffic and I didn’t have a ‘chute – ours being with ‘Phil the packer’. So I gave everyone a wide berth competely avoiding gaggles. If you want to improve your lookout, try flying without a ‘chute!

    In the process I discovered a ‘warm up’ 100k. I blundered around RIV, MAR,NEW,AND,RIV for 87k. If I’d done MAR,CHV,CBN it would have been the 100.

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