Wednesday 16th

It all came together today at long last.the field had dried out,the club fleet was back to full complement and the wind was N.E.  On the first flight of the day Bob B stayed airbourne for half an hour and this set the theme ,with some pilots getting their first taste of soaring for the new season with a number of flights of half an hour or more.  Most of the lift being found along the ridge.  There was lardy cake and chocolate brownies to be had in the caravan.  All in all a very good day and we were able to operate with dual cables.

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  1. StephenO

    The Puchacz came back online and the cover photo shows that Andrew B is happy to fly (and soar) the aircrafts he maintains 🙂
    An impressive 32 launches with longest flight honours going to Bill C – 47 minutes in the Vega. Closely followed by Tony P (together with Peter E)

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