Wednesday Feb 24th

For only the second day in February were we able to fly – but what a day!¬† Climbs to 3,600′; 40 launches; over 9 hours of flying; 26 folks took to the air.¬† Who knew that so many folks were able to come out and play midweek – including Reg G who let his membership lapse in 1999 and is thinking of rejoining.¬† The Red Kites were enjoying the soaring as were a couple of Sparrows.¬† Liz pulled out the Vega, repaired a broken wire and then took it for it’s first flight since November.

With so many there it was suggested name badges might be useful.¬† Then it was observed most had their names on display – there was Piere, Berghaus, Ozee…


DI enjoying a break from the back seat

The soaring window was from about 13:30 to 15:30 when 10 of the 11 launches got extended flights (longest being Liz with 56 minutes).  Just 1 cable in operation in order to minimise damage to the still sodden ground.

A big thanks to Rodney (who winched for most of the day but didn’t get to fly) and Trevor (who took over on the winch).¬† Also to Bob and Carol who helped clear the queue for check flights.¬† Not forgetting the retrieve drivers who ensured we got a good launch rate off a single cable.


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