Wednesday 3rd February

We flew!  Hooray.

Flying 2 up was the order of the day with a lively WNW.  Most of he flights being 5 minutes.  After prising Rodney off the winch took Rob J along as ballast and clock up an astonishing 11 minutes.  Towards the end of the day the wind eased and moved more to the north and Andrew B squeezed 10 minutes from the ridge.  19 launches in total with launch heights between  1,300′ and 1,500′.

The Wednesday boys manage to do more than just fly.  In the morning Laurence the tree surgeon set to and lowered the trees behind the loo block while others set to piling the “trimmings” on to the bonfire pile.  Guillotine were checks competed and at the end of the day the Vega got rerigged.  All this plus Tony P’s splendid home baked Brownies.


Andrew’s Master Class in attaching a Vega tail

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