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Yet again another no flying day due to the water saturated ground.  Whilst the Puchacz syndicate headed to Aston Down in search of a firm runway to launch from, James W ventured further afield and sent this report from a club I can recommend having flown there on a few occasions (but not for some years).

“Happy New Year every one.
Wednesday flying not far from Sydney about 480 km north east at Lake Keepit
Checked out by Val Phillips flying a PW5 and a Discus 2c, which has 18m wing tips and 15m winglets, to try a 300 km flight.  Only manage 200km which was fun but only one good climb in 200km which made it very hard to finish the task.
On the plus side 3 new glider types for log book.
See you all  soon enjoy the annual dinner”

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