Wednesday 9th December

After yet another weekend of non-flying weather there followed a Monday where the wind had dropped and the sun came out.¬† Fortunately, the weather held until Wednesday and we had a rather good day (for the time of year).¬† The¬†wind had picked up sufficiently to give us launches of up to 1,900′ in the K13 and 2,200′ in the K8.

Third launch of the day saw Paul B thrown at the sky in the K8 and he seemed reluctant to return.  He parked himself over our landlords farm and just seemed to hover, returning after 29 minutes.  Others took advantage of the weak wave that Paul found but no one got close to his time.  Rob J claiming the runner up longest flight with 21 minutes and 7 more flights got into the double digits.

Chris K made an appearance as part of his recovery programme and Alan S took to the air for the first time in 4 years (just squeezing in a couple of launches before the light rapidly disappeared) .  Particular thanks to those who stayed for the challenge of packing the toys away in the dark.

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