Wednesday 2nd December

Forecast on Tuesday evening showed “thick cloud” all day with a moderate wind SSW.  Arrived at the airfield to find a clear blue sky and a lively westerly.  By the time we had pulled apart JPC and moved it to the workshop ready for its annual cloud had arrived but cloud base around 1,400′ and a fair amount of gaps.  the K8 was left in the hangar and the all flying was 2 up with 70 knot approaches – surprising smooth on approach though.  Using the small cable ‘chutes we were able to lay-off sufficiently to avoid dropping over the electric fence around the adjoining field (mostly).  Most of the flights were 6 minutes with one notable exception of Denis G getting a double digit flight time (just) – we even managed a few beats along the western ridge.

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Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding