Wednesday 14th October

With the wind from the north (with just a touch of east) the favourite place proved to be on the south side of the launch caravan – enjoying the sun and sheltered from the cold wind.  Correction that was the second favourite place – the favourite was in a glider looking for ridge lift.  Some scraps of ridge lift was to be found but better were the thermals triggered by the ridge.  Those launching between midday and 13:00 were rewarded with the longest flights of the day.  Colin B in his LS3-17 clocked up 45 minutes but that only gave him second place in the soaring stakes.  Top spot being taken by Ken R and Bill C in their Duo Discus with 1:02.  25 of the 31 launches achieved double digit flight times – mind, when the K8 was getting launches to 2,100′ that gets you off to a good start.

21 members flew – pretty good turn out for midweek in October.

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  1. StephenO

    I forgot to mention that it was a special day for Tony P. It was his 80th birthday. No cake unfortunately and we didn’t have any candles to put on the donuts. Tony did look a little concerned when it was suggested the day be marked in the traditional way – the bumps.

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