Tuesday 20th October

What a glorious day – sunshine, warmth, thermals, superior chocolate brownies and good companions – what more could one ask for?

When moving a¬†Wednesday there’s always the uncertainty of how many members can get along.¬† From the forecast moving to Tuesday was an obvious choice, it was clearly going to be the best day of the week but¬†I don’t think any of us expected it to be as good as it was.¬† Just 4 folks¬†had responded to my email to say they would be able to make it on Tuesday (and 2 who couldn’t)¬†so that was enough to know we could fly.¬† In the event 14 members turned up and flew.

20151020_launch point

Start of the day cloudbase was around 1,500′ but plenty of gaps meant that Ken R started the day off in the K8 with a launch to 1,700 and a double digit flight time (maybe just 12 minutes but at the arse end of October double digit flight times are an achievement).¬† In the next 10 flights only a couple more double digit flight times but then (shortly before 13:00), until about 16:30, most of the flights were well into the double digit region.¬† Darren Mc claimed the longest flight with 1:03 and a high point of 3,600′ in the K8.¬† Rob J wasn’t far behind with 1:01 in the Puchacz.¬† One glider, rather sleek with turned up wings, passed through, presumably from Lasham, clocking up a few km.


Stan O at 3,000′ with a view to Newbury and Reading

Both of our most recent members were flying and they serve as an example as to how our sport (addiction?) is accessible to all.¬† Thomas F-B at 15 years old and Frank D a lad of 90.¬† What’s even more remarkable is they are they are not our youngest or oldest members.


Ham in it’s autumn colours

If anyone was concerned that we missed out on our Wednesday donuts, worry not – Peter M provided his normal midweek service.¬† The bonus brownies were baked by Tony P’s own fair hand.



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