Golden October!

With patches of mid morning blue sky peeking through the mist and the forecasters promise of blue thermals to 3000 ft later in the day, a few of us put away the coffee flasks and rigged, but without too much conviction. Although Jim G had cried off instructing on account of an attack of shingles he put in a brave appearance, supervising the airfield and doing anything that didn’t involve sitting down. Having shingles is a real pain in the a**e, but even more so if they happen to be on your a**e. Get well soon Jim!

Any kind of soaring is welcome in early October, so after Paul P had defied gravity for more than half an hour in the Ka8, there was a rush to get airborne. Those who did discovering widespread lift beneath dark patches in the murk. The promised blueness never yielded anything but sink and mid afternoon cloud base was somewhere above 2500 ft, but the upper visibility was too poor to discover exactly where it was. Nonetheless visibility at lower levels remained quite good, so safe aviating was possible. Star of the day was Peter Ellison who held the flying instruction together, delivering a half day course and several trial lessons, before disappearing in the ASW15 only to reappear after 5 pm as the airfield was being shut down.

Motorway junction, Hungerford North
Motorway Junction at Hungerford North

Hungerford from Hungerford North – it’s out there somewhere.
Hungerford from Hungerford North – it’s out there somewhere.

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