Wednesday 9th

Peter E turned up first thing with welder at the ready to fix the kink in the guard rail on one of the winch drums.  Having restored the guard rail to it’s proper shape he didn’t even stay around to fly – not that he missed any notable soaring.  Many thanks Peter.

Despite the 90 degree cross wind (from the east) launches of up to 1,400′ were available in the K13.  I didn’t what the K8 was getting.  However, from that point it was all pretty much downhill.  Mark P was the first to break into double digit flying time with 13 minutes.  No one got close to threatening Mark’s record until, a couple of hours later, Chris K stayed aloft for 28 minutes.  There was plenty of sink around so where was the compensating lift?  There were several landing further up the field, across the field and reciprocal as strong sink was encountered on route to the high key or on the downwind leg.

No time for the duty instructor (yours truly) to get bored as 16 of the 37 flights had him in the back seat.

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