Sunday 6th September

What a cracking day for September.  The day looked promising and shock waves went around the airfield when Alan P said it was going to be a good day.  No one could remember the last time Alan had shown signs of optimism – could it have been the effect of all that Highland flinging in his kilt?  The day went blue but there was still plenty of soaring to be had.  All 5 club gliders out, and busy, plus 4 private gliders.  The private gliders were taking around 2 hour flights.  14 flights in club gliders were for 45 minutes or more.

Both Peter E and I were kept busy in the back seat clocking up 6 and a half hours between us.

20150906_Launch Point

7 gliders in the air and only 2 at the launch point

42 launches and one minute short of 28 hours flown – the most hours, by far, flown on a September day in the last 8 years (the time for which I have stats readily at hand)

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