Sunday 20th September

Late in the morningĀ the mist eventually cleared and cloudbase rose enough for flying to commence.


If you were lucky there was soaring to be had but with all three two seaters, the K8 andĀ 4 private gliders the launch point sometimes got a little busy!

Carol took a flight in Jeremy’s DG202 and then it was Jeremy’s turn to have a go.


As you can see he seems to have enjoyed the first flight…….nice socks by the way Ā šŸ™‚

Other notable highlights of the day include Andrew Peacock and Jonty both giving me plenty of opportunity to be devious whilst I put them their bronze flying skills tests. I’m pleased to report thatĀ they both passed……. so done theĀ pair of you!

Thanks to Nigel for helping out by flying two trial lessons, one of which was a profoundly deaf lady who used a sucker mounted rear view car mirror to be able to see Nigel so that she couldĀ lip read whilst in flight!

Thanks also to Paul P and John Douglass for spending so much time driving the winch and special thanks to Bill Cook for kindly taking me up for a flight in his T21, I can definitely see the attraction in flying an open cockpit glider, the view and sounds are simply amazing. If you get a chance to have a fly inĀ his T21 have ago!

Not sure how many launches or who had the longest flight as I didn’t see the log, hopefully someone in the know can enlighten us.







About the Author: philip morgan

CFI, Owns a Janus C with Carol.

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  1. SteveB

    There were 37 launches, of which half-a-dozen could be counted as soaring (20min+). The honours at 36mins went to a Trial Lesson (assisted by Nigel) . This compares with 24 launches the day before, of which 12 were 30min+, 7 were over an hour, and one was a XC.

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