Task Week Update

First day of task week and the weather is not being helpful as Carol and I had to reset our task as conditions were a bit challenging. There were some good climbs in places but there were large gaps in-between.

We managed to complete RIV-WAN-DEV-RIV for just over 100k but only because we took advantage of a top up NE of Devizes.

Burning combine harvester

Once established we noticed that the source of lift was a burning Combine Harvester and tractor/trailer, we could smell the burning tyres at 3500ft!

Steve Barber and Alan Holden, both in ASW15’s, found conditions pretty poor north of the M4 so unfortunately had to curtail their tasks.

Despite RASP predicting fantastic conditions Tuesday was in fact worse than Monday 🙁  Lift was hard to find under the clag that was until Colin, in the LS3, latched on and squeezed 18mins out of his flight. This spurred the rest of us to launch and, despite valiant efforts by Chris and Steve O, Carol and I managed to stay aloft for 56 mins.

All in all a rather disappointing day but I’m pleased to say that John Douglas successfully transitioned to the Vega and had 3 enjoyable flights.

John in the Vega

The rest of the week looks “unsettled” so hopefully we can get a bit more flying in.

About the Author: philip morgan

CFI, Owns a Janus C with Carol.

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  1. StephenO

    What Phil did mention was that climbs to over 5,000′ were on offer on Monday. How Phil and Carol managed to stay aloft for 56 minutes is beyond me. I managed 28 minutes but it was in very weak thermals. My steam vario said I was slowly sinking but the electric one was slightly more optimistic. I choose to believe the electric one

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