Sunday 9th

Following Super Saturday only the die-hards and those not allowed out to play on Saturday were around.  A select few but enough to clock up 26 launches (2 more than the previous day) and 14 hours of flying (half that of the previous day) certainly better than would have been expected given the weather forecast.  The day started very grey and none of us were quite sure what to make of the clouds with their undulating base.

Everybody there was off-checks, so nothing to keep the duty instructor (yours truly, yet again) entertained.  Selvam took pity on me and requested some flights with his altimeter covered.  First flight was routine but the second proved to be much more interesting 🙂  Fourth launch of the day James W seem to have got stuck which prompted more folks to throw themselves at the sky.  Nigel B had kindly come along to help out with the 3 TLs booked in but then more turned up so it gave me something to do also.  Mostly it was a matter of launch and remember to return after 30 minutes.

Longest flight of the day was James W with 1:56 (on his second flight in the K8).  The day ended with Gillian B flying with me – she may only fly a couple of times a year but certainly hasn’t forgotten how to scratch height from weak end-of-day thermals.

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