Sunday 2nd August

Yet another so-so “summer” day.  Despite that 4 private gliders rigged – the LS3-17 was rigged in celebration of all 3 syndicate partners being at the field on the same day, not obvious the reason for the others rigging.  You know there’s not much soaring to be had when the longest flight the Janus managed (off 4 launches) was 24 minutes.  The promise of wave in the distance remained just that – a promise.

Rivar wave west

With no one on the instruction list I think Jeremy K and John D felt sorry for me and requested check flights.  Nigel B had kindly agreed to be there to fly the Trial Lessons.  With no ab-initios to entertain me I resorted to flying our LS3-17 a couple of times.  Bragging rights for the day went to Chris K who managed to scrape 37 minutes in his Cirrus.

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