Sunday 16th August

Arrived on the airfield to find the lads well into DI’ing everything that moved. I was equally impressed to discover canopy cleaning back in fashion. Then a bit of a lull as eyes cast aloft found unbroken strato cu with little promise of early soaring. CFI volunteered a quick tempter but then promptly retreated to the brownie point exchange. Those who followed managed little more than circuits until the stroke of midday when sufficient sunlight broke through the overcast to permit soaring.

With every club glider on the line and relatively few pilots, those who did connect with the capricious lift took full advantage of the scarce commodity with some long flights, taking refuge at cloud base where Sean K glued the Ka8 and spent an hour or so gazing down on passing traffic inbound to Lasham. Meanwhile Chris B and Steve G set off west in the Puchacz for a couple of hours on a fruitful cross country tutorial.

Two ‘hangar flights’ at around 5 p.m which promptly found their way up to the 5000ft cloud base proved, once again – ‘it ain’t over ’til it’s over’. And concerning which, thanks to Phil for not exhausting the Puchacz’s supply of spins and loops.

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