Saturday 8th August

With Jim Gavin on duty flying commenced just before 11am with Sean having a couple of check flights. During the second one Sean ignored P1’s call of “THERMAL” ! and flew into sink to deliberately cut the flight short. A rather bewildered Jim let Sean go solo only to see sneaky Sean climb away (and away!!!) into the blue yonder returning some 63mins later! This prompted John Douglas to jump into the K8 and disappear for 2hrs 25mins thus completing a bronze leg…….well done both of you!

Carol and I set a task of RIV-CIR-DEV-FAR-RIV for 170k which we completed during our flight of 2hrs 48 mins, Steve B and Chris B flew their ASW15 and LS7 respectively around RIV-DEV-WAN-RIV for just over 100k, Steve flew for 2hrs 21 and Chris 1hr 40. Steve Gaze flying his LS4 had the longest flight at 3hrs 33 but I’m not sure of where he went. James Hunneman flying the Pirat had 1hr 55 taking in Bourne Park, Welford and Membury (I think!).

Other notable flights include Andrew Peacock with 2hr 05, Jon Garner with 1hr 29, Trevor with 1hr 13 and Darren with 1hr 07 .

Highlights of the day (excuse the pun!) were Sean gaining his Silver height during his second solo flight of the day (and only 3rd solo) in JMX and John Douglas who (subject to getting the logger calibrated) also may have got his Silver height as well 🙂 John saw Sean climbing away, retrieved the K8 from the hanger and took a launch!


Oh and we had a visitor from the Park in the shape of Phil Drake who landed his K6 at Shalbourne after completing his Silver distance….well done Phil!



Competition Time!

Only for those who do not own a Nimbus, Janus, Duo Discus, LS7, ASW15 or Jantar, so basically no instructor and most private owners!

These photos were taken during Carol and I’s xc on Saturday (see above).


Where is this?



Where is this and what is the grass airfield top left of the lake and why are we keeping away?



What is this Airfield?



And what is this Airfield and why are we allowed to be here?



Answers on a postcard to…………………………………..

Nah on second thoughts just let me know when you see me next!




About the Author: philip morgan

CFI, Owns a Janus C with Carol.


  1. Darren M

    I’ve been working on my navigation, so thought I’d have a crack at this.

    #1 Swindon
    #2 South Cerney / parachute drop zone nearby
    #3 Kemble or Cotswold airport
    #4 Lyneham / airfield closed, covered in solar panels!

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