Sat 22nd August, Go! Go! Go!



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DCFI, Full Cat, Owns 737, a Nimbus 2c with Jim & N, a Janus Ce with Claire. Flying since 1996.

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  1. StephenO

    It is said “every picture tells a story”. These pictures tell a misleading story as would some of the stats for the day – 41 launches; 7 private gliders rigged; all 5 club gliders flown; 28 people flown. There is one statistic which starts to tell a different story – average flight time 13 minutes (and no bung pulling to water down the average).
    Duty instructor Tim R started the day blowing off the cobwebs and demonstrating just how vertical the Puchacz can get in the 2 complete turn spin. With only one member on the instruction list Tim was probably wondering how he would keep himself occupied. Not a concern for long as 3 folks with a month temporary membership appeared, as did a couple of ex-members and then there were the booked TLs. Randall T had brought his grandson along to sample the delights of silent flight and Clive H made one of his periodic visits. This time Clive re-joined – welcome back, we’ve missed you.
    The day started with a an unfriendly easterly crosswind. Fortunately the wind moved to the south as the day progressed. Phil and Carol were the day’s soaring gods in their Janus (again) with 1:28 (almost twice as long as the next 2 longest flight from Darren Mc and Alan H). After the flight they said they needed more time before they would be able to decide if they had enjoyed the flight.

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