Thursday 9th July

The previous 3 Wednesdays had given us one cracking day but 2 rubbish ones.  Watching the weather forecast on Monday night showing another rubbish Wednesday but a Thursday full of promise I began to think it would be worth slipping Wednesday a day – even though numbers can suffer as these retired folks live busy lives.  Email from Colin with the same thoughts clinched the deal and wheels set in motion to move the day (trickier than normal thanks to TL’s and a TLE booked plus the evening Progression Group).


Sitting at 4,200 in 2-up (on the average) above Hungerford after 18:00 I reflected it had been a good call.  As the daytime flying came to an end and the Progression boys took over the Vega and K8 needed to taken to the hangar.  Trevor,in the Vega, took 50 minutes to find the hangar and me, being in the slower K8, took 71 minutes to cover the same distance (admittedly there were some detours).

With the change of day we were fairly short handed but enjoyed some good flying anyway.  Well, for those who managed to get away.  With naff all wind on the nose launch heights were modest and there wasn’t much time to find those updrafts between the generous sink.  It’s a measure of how difficult it was when Trevor did 2 circuits in his Jantar.  He only flew the Vega to be helpful and he had his free launch due.  One of the TLs joined on the spot after his 36 minute flight with Peter E, so we have a new junior member – Henry.

Not much north in the day but the tea-cloth flyers covered the hill at the gibbet.  I spotted a couple who had manage to get away and the cover photo for this blog entry was taken while I was being flown by Sean K.

Soaring god of the day went to Colin B in the LS3-17 who did RIV-LYN-FAR-RIV in 1:48.  Hero’s of the day were Rod Harris and Paul P who did more than their fair share of winching and Rod didn’t fly and Paul was one of the folks not lucky enough to find a thermal quick enough

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