July Wednesdays

I’ve been a bit tardy with blog posts recently so an update for the last 3 Wednesday’s.


Difficult to remember that far back but from the log I see it was a busy day with the usual “Wednesday boys” flying during the day and the “progression group” taking over for the evening alongside a scout group.¬† Carol P and Phil M coming up with “fun things to do in a glider” and Ken R introducing the scouts to the delights of unpowered flying.¬† Not¬†particularly inspiring on the weather front with flights less than 35 minutes other than 2 exceptions.¬† Bill C with 52 minutes in a K13¬†and me scrapping 47 minutes in the LS3-17.¬† The duration of my flight was achieve only through sheer bloody-mindedness and stubbornness.¬† 30 folks flew clocking up¬†a total of 45 launches.


Another July with limited soaring opportunities (and a cross wind)¬†but on the second launch of the day Paul B stayed airborne for 29 minutes so we all got a bit more hopeful.¬† Despite our best efforts no one got even close that time so Paul left the field content with the day’s soaring crown.¬† What he didn’t is wait for the return of the gliders airborne at that time.¬† I had taken the¬†Puchacz as it was sitting neglected and there was a spare cable and Steve B had taken the Vega as it was a free launch after the 2 previous short circuits.¬† I returned after 34 minutes (thought the evening boys would be wanting their glider) and Steve after 35 minutes.

Peter E was kept occupied giving trial lessons to Penny (of Penny Post Рthe West Berks community website) and her 2 sons.  We also had a visit from our very own TV celebrity Bert Рback to prove he can still fly (and very good with the look-outs).  It was mentioned that the combined ages of the pilots in the photo was 171.


Another so-so day and a repeat of previous week with Paul B staying aloft¬†(this time off the first launch)¬†whilst others did circuits.¬† Paul clocked up 1:06 to try¬†secure the soaring god accolade.¬† However, not long after he landed Bill C and Ken R launched in their Duo and landed 1:07 later.¬† Chris K decided to practice flying from the back seat as he did the previous week.¬† Unlike the previous week the circuits didn’t have the same¬†“interest” factor.¬† Ken H tore himself away from maintenance jobs only to sit in the Vega and decide the sky did not look very promising.¬† Good call, suffice it to say that there won’t be a need to wash the gliders on Saturday.

No evening session so toys put away 16:00ish

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