Wednesday 24th June

What a difference to the previous Wednesday – thermic from the start.  Cloud base starting off three times higher than the previous week.  About a third of the 30 launches were an hour or more.  Jonty H reported a climb to 4,000 and Steve B took longest flight honours with just under 2 hours.  Jonty’s friend from Sydney experienced Aussie like climbs at 5 up on the average (a choper pilot who was a bit taken aback by nose down approach on finals).

Modest turnout for such a glorious day with only one private glider rigged but 3 folks turned up for Trial Lessons.  One who was, briefly, a member in 2006.  Also returning, after his recent enforced layoff, was our very own Colin B looking fit and well.  It took him very little time to organise the next grass cut (and clear some of the area).

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