Wednesday 17th June

This time  the “weather gods” did not smile on Wednesday.  Any other day of the week would have been a far better day to fly.  We were subject to a low cloud base (1,200′ and less at times) with a vicious crosswind.  Lessor aviators would have sat in the clubhouse drinking tea and complaining about the weather but not our hardy “Wednesday boys”.  Mind, there were fewer in attendance than usual.

Joint honours for longest flight of the day being taken by Tony P and Ken H.  At 10 minutes though they weren’t exactly “long”.  Instead of easing through the day the wind got more challenging in the afternoon.  It was then debatable whether we should continue with the Trial Lesson Evening that was booked in.  We waited a while before Nigel B and I took test flights and concluded the conditions had eased (less wind, higher cloud base) and we would press on.  Half the group had cycled from Newbury (and beyond) and went away with big smiles on their face and the hill heading down this time.  The organiser took the last flight and was rewarded with one of those rare opportunities of being launched above scattered cloud to be then able to look down on them and gently descend through the gaps in between.

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