Wednesday 29th April

Arriving at the club there felt like there was something missing – I then realised there was no film crew.  Just as well as the weather wasn’t exactly co-operative.  We took our time, munched sandwiches (and donuts, this being Wednesday) and then pulled out the toys by which time things were looking at least flyable – even if we had to deal with a 90 degree cross-wind.
Midweek flying
Some modest soaring was available but the most notable flight of the day was Jonty’s check flight.  Ken H, on winch, skillfully deposited Jonty at 500′ about two-thirds down the runway.  Jonty simply flew on, turned back and landed reciprocal uphill – just as he had considered in his “eventualities” – perfect.  Darren McK took the longest flight with 23 minutes, just a couple of minutes longer than flights from Tony P and Peter M.

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