Wednesday 13th

The photo shows the launch point for much of the day.  No shortage of gliders with 4 club gliders in operation and 4 private gliders rigged – they were all busy flying.  A largely blue day, plenty of cloud in the distance when we did get the occasional hint of cloud it rarely worked.  Despite that climbs to 5,800′ (Trevor G) and climb rates of 7 on the average (Bob B) were reported.  Trevor did his usual stint on the winch followed by rigging after everyone else then not launching until 14:00 and taking longest flight honours with 3 hours 18 minutes.  Couple of other flights of over 2 hours and 8 over an hour (out of the total of 31 flights).  Most launches were followed by soaring Alan P in his Olly leading the field in this category.  However on his 3rd (free) launch he did stay airborne for 1 hour 21 minutes – but only after Charles Mc marked a thermal for him close to the airfield.
Shalbourne launch point
With a total of over 27 hours flown it made it the most hours in a day since last August.  All that soaring plus donuts – does it get any better than this?

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Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding