Tow out bars

Last night Rod and I modified both the K13 and K8 tow bars so that they are now foldable and should now easily fit into the back of our vehicles.
tow out bars

Tow out bars

We hope to modify the Puchacz tow bar shortly……………hopefully Paul Prentice’s experience with knocking the Pajero into gear will be the one and only time 🙂



About the Author: philip morgan

CFI, Owns a Janus C with Carol.


  1. SteveB

    Are you also doing the Puch towbar, to make sure I can’t break another Pajero windscreen from inside by shutting the tailgate?

    • philip morgan

      Yes the Puchacz one will be modified soon, just need to receive the indexing plunger so that it can be locked open whilst being used otherwise as the Puchacz is tail light the towbar will want to fold shut…..not a good thing believe me!

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